Arts Diaspora Inc. ceased operations in March 2015. This website is an archive only. 

About Arts Diaspora

The word “diaspora”, from the Greek, means scattering of seeds. We chose the name “Arts Diaspora” to reflect the seeds which waves of immigrants to Australia have, and continue to, scatter and sow, enriching this already fertile landscape through diverse cultural and artistic expression. Arts Diaspora seeks to be active in the realm of the arts by providing opportunities for artists from diverse cultural, ethnic and linguistic backgrounds to share their work; and for audiences to be engaged, moved, inspired and educated, through promotion, production, co-ordination and collaboration of varying projects including concerts and educational workshops.

We have a peaceable and all-inclusive view of multicultural Australia and aim to foster understanding, appreciation and celebration of cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity – something we think is achievable through the artistic experience.

All Arts Diaspora pursuits are for the public’s enjoyment and benefit. Arts Diaspora is a non-profit, incorporated organisation and a charitable institution with DGR staus. We rely on the generosity of volunteers, sponsors and donors to bring our ideas to fruition and encourage all those who see value in the work we do and wish to offer their support to contact us.

     Kiriaki Koubaroulis – Founder, Director

Kiriaki holds a Bachelor of Music Degree from the University of NSW, has worked as a
freelance musician and music teacher, and has burgeoning experience in presentation, production and arts and cultural management. She is currently studying Arts Management at the University of Technology, Sydney.

She has a passion and vision for strengthening communities and nurturing social cohesion through the vehicle of artistic and cultural exchange and collaboration.