Past Events

  • Greek Myths @ Open Marrickville 2014


    Three mythology inspired events: a craft workshop, a storytelling show and a drama workshop. These events were run through the Open Marrickville Festival 2014 with the generous support of Marrickville Council.


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  • Crossings: Songs from the East – Sydney Opera House 2nd June, 2013.

A cross-cultural collaboration where traditional and improvised music spanning the Greek, Kurdish, Arabic and Persian traditions was presented. This was an exciting coming together of local Sydney-based musicians from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, drawing both from their own musical heritage and their contemporary experience of multicultural Australia. A rich program of song from both the folk and classical traditions of the cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean and Near East regions, taking the audience on a musical passage from the Mediterranean to Mesopotamia.

The five musicians featured, including first-generation Australians of Greek, Kurdish, Iraqi and Persian origin, share a common musical language – a language anchored in centuries old systems but at the same time contemporary and inspiring of innovation. And this is exactly what audiences enjoyed from Metin Yilmaz, Mustafa Karami, John Robinson, Dimitri Koubaroulis and Imad Rahem on their respective instruments: kaval (wooden flute), daf  (frame drum), oud (fretless lute), kanun (plucked lap zither), voice and violin.

Audience feedback:

“an inspiring experience”…
“wonderful – especially watching the musicians improvising – working together”…
“I was deeply moved. ‘Poetic’ would describe it perfectly”…
“Beautiful to see a coming together of cultures through the arts”…
“brought memories of home”…
“… so much richness (and they say multiculturalism doesn’t work!) It is alive and brings so much richness to our lives and to Australia”…


  • A Taste of Constantinople – Hellenic Heritage Series 2012

August saw a series of four workshops on the theme of Constantinople. We looked at music, sacred art – Byzantine iconography, food and dance. The workshops provided opportunity for learning, for connection and for enjoyment.


  • Melisma Ensemble at St. Mary’s Cathedral Crypt – 27th May, 2012.

Arts Diaspora proudly officially launched our activities with a concert of Byzantine chant by Melisma Ensemble. The concert and launch were a great success with The Crypt reaching capacity and the audience transported and enthralled by the concert experience.


  • Exile – Kyriakos Kalaitzidis – Solo Oud and Voice Recital @ The Sydney Opera House – 3rd April, 2011

It was this event, independently presented by Kiriaki Koubaroulis, from which the impetus resulting in the foundation of Arts Diaspora was gained.

The concert was a sell out success. Kyriakos entranced and moved the audience both with his virtuosity and his expressive artistry.